Qualification 2020 Preparation

Last Modfified: 2019-10-20

This blog update is to provide a simplistic overview of what is required for qualification - more information can be found on the official mailing list.

What Is Qualification?

The purpose of the qualification stage is to filter for the best teams to participate in the competition. This is to ensure a basic level of competence, so that games are interesting and teams are able to play. In order to compete at the competition, teams must pass the qualification process.

At the competition itself, the robots are inspected to ensure compliance with the rules - so even after qualification, participation is not guaranteed. As well as checking the robot dimensions and limb manoeuvrability, robots must also demonstrate the ability to get up from a fall in both the frontwards and backwards orientations.

How Do You Qualify?

Teams must provide several formal pieces of information in order to be considered:

Deadlines Announced

The technical committee have sent out the following deadlines:

Plan Of Action

Over the next few months, we hope to provide some details in a series of blogs about what our team gets up to leading to the qualification deadline.