2022-01-31 Balance Engine
2021-12-19 General Update
2021-05-16 General Update
2021-05-01 Project - PWM Motor (Part 5)
2021-04-28 Torso Design
2021-04-26 Project - PWM Motor (Part 4)
2021-04-18 Project - PWM Motor (Part 3)
2021-04-12 Project - PWM Motor (Part 2)
2021-04-04 Project - PWM Motor
2020-03-08 Update - Walk Test
2020-01-30 Update - Leg Build
2020-01-29 Update - Leg Design
2019-10-20 Qualification 2020 Preparation
2018-12-06 Qualification 2019
2018-06-03 Hardware
2018-02-12 Funding

About Team

We are an up-and-coming humanoid RoboCup team for the kid-sized league 1 based in New Zealand, Christchurch. Our team mostly comprises of students from the University of Canterbury 2 without a robotics background, with a variety of engineering backgrounds and from multiple disciplines. Our commonality is our love for robots and passion to succeed.

Currently we work towards creating a unique low-cost 3D printed humanoid platform, allowing it to be easily configurable and imported into simulations, as well as keeping the financial barrier into the league low.

Team Members

Daniel Barry Merel Keijsers
Humayun Khan Munir Shah
Banon Hopman

Previous team members:


2019-07 2nd round RoboCup World Cup (Sydney, Australia)


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